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What is psychoanalysis?

We are aware of some parts of our mind. And although some other parts are unknown to us (probably because they are difficult to embrace), they influence everything we do: our behaviors, our relationships, our likes, our dislikes…

In psychoanalysis-based therapy, we explore these unknown parts to understand the way you feel, you relate to others, and you live your life.  

This will allow you to understand and accept different parts of yourself, and eventually to live life that feels more authentic and in-tune with your true self.

This is the story of Janet *. She feels extreme anxiety every day and has panic attacks before going to work.

Although Janet thinks her issues are her anxiety and panic attacks, when she looks beyond the surface, she realizes…

… she feels like an impostor at her job. She feels she got her job out of luck and that at any moment people around her will realize that she doesn’t belong there.

… she is too harsh on herself and she calls that “perfectionism”. She feels that nothing she does is enough.

… All of this goes back to her childhood. Whenever Janet got good grades, her parents told her that she could do better next time. She interpreted that as “it wasn’t enough”.

… as the youngest of 4 siblings who excelled in school and sports, Janet grew up thinking that she had to stand out to deserve love.

If Janet only focused on managing her anxiety and panic attacks, all these underlying issues would stay the same.

Just like Janet, everyone has a story, emotions and experiences that are waiting to be seen and worked on.

Psychoanalysis is a way of putting words and giving new meanings to your own history.

* fictional character