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I walk alongside my patients in their journey of self-knowledge and emotional well-being

About me

Ana Homs

I am a sensitive, respectful and warm professional. 

I see psychoanalysis as a way of embracing our personal history. In order to do so, I listen and understand the unique way in which each person feels, perceives themselves and relates to others.

Psychoanalysis is...

A gradual process of self-knowledge and emotional well-being.

Some elements that take part in this process are your emotions, your desires, your fears, the way you relate to others, your past and your family history.

I’ll provide you with a safe space to explore, organize and give these emotions a new meaning.

Some issues we can work on:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty in adjusting to a new reality
  • Migratory grief
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Emotional dependence
  • Grief


If therapy is a new concept to you, it’s normal to have questions! 

Here are the answers to the most frequent questions new patients have asked me:

Having a support system and talking to friends/family is very important for your emotional health, but it is not the same as therapy.

This is because although they are well-intentioned, they will listen to you in a subjective and biased way. They will probably give you advice that relates to their own problems (and their way of seeing life) than to yours.

Your therapist is only able to listen to you objectively and help you see yourself in therapy precisely because he/she doesn’t know you in other contexts.

As therapy progresses, you will realize that there are underlying causes of the problem that made you look for therapy, and those are the ones we’ll be working on.

Such underlying causes are an unknown territory to you and your therapist, so it is not possible to say in advance how long your therapy process will last. This is a personal decision.

I’m afraid not. Since I work with individual therapy, it is important (for you as a patient and for me as a professional) to keep the spaces separate.

If there are couple or family issues that you would like to work on specifically, I can offer you support to find a couple therapist or family therapist as well.

Whatever you feel like at the moment!

After a while, you might feel the need to talk about different topics than the ones that brought you to therapy. And that ‘s OK!

Remember: this is your space, and everything you feel like talking about is valid here.


the first step

Contact me

If you are thinking of starting a psychoanalysis, I suggest that we get to know each other first in a call so that you can tell me about yourself and I can tell you how I usually work.

Contact me by email: